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Why 12 doesn’t approve of hugs

Bumped into this theory while wandering around the Internet:

12 came out of the regeneration extra telepathic. He gave Rupert a whole dream just by touching his forehead and it took him just seconds to see that the captured Teller creature was feeling fine when he put his hand on its forehead.

That’s why he looked so puzzled after Marian kissed him as a thank you after he had saved the prisoners. He just gained the knowledge to figure out who she really was.

That’s also why 12 panics at hugs! And why he looked so uncomfortable after Saibra had hugged him. He probably wasn’t able to avoid direct contact (as she was so happy to say how she hadn’t turned into him) and had just been inside her head without her permission.

I think Peter is particularly into that Pertwee era. We’ve spoken about some of the gestures - the little squeeze of the bottom lip that Pertwee does. Peter has a bit of the Pertwee about him - still the greatest Doctor, I think - a maybe a little taste of Hartnell. Oh when Peter told me there was a moment of Venusian Akido in one of his episodes I was over the moon.

Frank Skinner on the influence of other Doctor’s on Peter’s Doctor. (via kitt66)


"Venusian Aikido"

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